We strive for the best when it comes to food and nutrition as we believe eating right will lead to a healthier and happier life. At Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat center, we build our meals around Ayurvedic principles and ensure we are sourcing the highest quality fruits and vegetables from surrounding local markets. Our food is based on the traditional foods of Nepal such as Thakali Sets with exotic vegetables and delicious chutneys as well as other dishes such as paratha and biryani. The food is prepared with love and is served in buffet style, warm and fresh everyday. We serve 3 meals a day. For breakfast we usually serve a variety of fruits, locally made yogurt, muesli and porridge along with some additional foods such as pancakes or paratha. In lunch we serve different rice dishes, a dahl full of protein, 3 servings of vegetable dishes, a salad and can be accompanied with a chutney. Dinner is similar with a different range of vegetables and rice or chapati as the base. These meals can be enjoyed in the restaurant area or you are more than welcome to sit anywhere around the resort, enjoying the surrounding nature and views. We also accommodate any dietary requirements a customer may have, and will ensure we are only maintaining the highest of quality standards to ensure that there is no cross contamination and that our customers can be relaxed knowing that we will take care of their every need. Customers will be requested to inform the staff upon arrival of any dietary requirements and we will actively make changes accordingly.

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