At infinity resort, not only do we strive for the best rooms with ultimate comfort and accessibility but we offer many other facilities around the property that customers can enjoy in their leisure time as they wish. We have a large swimming pool which gives you a 360 degree view of surrounding nature and possibly the best spot to watch the sunset fall over the distant mountains. Surrounding the pool is plenty of space to lay around, soak up the sun or practice some outdoor yoga. We have sun beds and chairs and tables where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and relax by the water. At infinity resort, we focus on offering various yoga courses and retreats so we have three yoga halls around the resort. Two are larger which are mostly used for the Yoga courses and retreats that run monthly throughout the year and one is a smaller room for meditation and quieter practices. These yoga halls are fitted with all the necessary props such as yoga mats, pillows, blocks, belts and speakers for those who enjoy listening to music whilst they practice. At the infinity resort we have dedicated areas to our spa and massage treatments. These areas are created to bring peace and relaxation to the individual and provide a safe space for healing and transformation to take place. We have spaces for massage, steam baths, sound healing and other therapies. We have many nature filled areas and lush grass spots where customers can relax, set up a towel and read a book or enjoy some outside yoga or meditation.